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  • Remember to check with Ride Managers before leaving for a ride.  Weather or other conditions may produce a change


May 5          Barre Riding and Driving Club, Spring Trail Ride  
Felton Field, Barre, MA,
10/13/15/17 miles; $25 member/$35 non-member; check-in 8:00-9:30, ride-out 9:00-11:00; refreshments before, on-trail, and after; although day ride, camping available, call ahead.
                     Lynne Goodnow, Phone: (978) 249-7400 
May 5          New England Arabian Trail Organization (NEATO), Cinco De Mayo
Pattaconk Pond, Cockaponset State Forest, Chester, CT
4/10/18 miles; $10-25; check-in 9:00; ride-out begins 9:00; refreshments before, after; dinner not included.
                     Roxanne Winslow, Phone: (860) 460-0851                                                     
May 6          Rhode Island SPCA , Trail Ride & Versatility #1 “Animal Kingdom”
Goddard Park, Warwick, RI
6/12/18 miles (same loop); ride or drive; $35 post, $30 if pre-reg by 5/2; check-in 8:30, ride-out begins 9:00; judged (versatility); refreshments after; see web site for raffle/silent auction; event t-shirt and lunch included; year-end awards; online registration available; call ahead if bad weather.
                     Denise Anthony, Phone: (401) 862-2621 

May 12       Bay State Trail Riders (BSTRA), Early Memorial Day Pleasure Ride
Stone Arbor Farm, Upton, MA
5/8 miles; $20 BSTRA members, $25 non-members, jrs half price; check-in 9:30, ride-out begins 10:00; pre-reg 5/8 for lunch; refreshments after; post entries welcome but no lunch; register on-line; no phone/email registrations; no smoking; Please clean up!
                     Lynn Paresky, Phone: (508) 476-7094
May 12       SMART  
Maudsley State Park, Newburyport, MA
8/16 miles; $20-25; check-in 9:00, ride-out begins 10:00; refreshments before, after; additional cost to park.
                     Sandra Rogers, Phone: (207) 651-6571                                                                    
May 12       West Greenwich Horseman's Association (WGHA). Go Fish! (Rain date 5/13)  CANCELLED
Carolina Trout Pond, Hope Valley, RI

10/20 miles; $varies, see web site for details; check-in 9:00; ride-out 9:00-10:30; refreshments before, after; $5 extra lunch; NEHT and WGHA miles; Limited parking - must pre-reg or call ahead by 5/8; trailer w/friends if possible.
                     Celeste Santos-Rivera, Phone: (860) 235-1098
May 13       Bay State Trail Riders (BSTRA), Scavenger Hunt   
Upton State Forest, Upton, MA,
8+/- miles; $20 members, $25 non-members, jrs. half price; check-in 9:30, ride-out begins 10:00; refreshments after; limited parking, must pre-reg by 5/9; register on-line/form on website ; no post entries; no phone/email reservations; Please clean up!.
                     Lurissa Marston, Phone: (508) 868-7397 
May 13       Littleton Horse Owners Association, Tribute Ride and Awards Ceremony        
Great Brook Farm State Park, Carlisle, MA
8/16 miles (same loop 2x); $30 adult, $15 jr, $10 4-H member; check-in 8:30, ride-out 9:00-10:00; refreshments before, on-trail, and after; post-entry only (no pre-reg); Bring your own water and CLEAN your trailer site!
                     Ann Lawrence, Phone: (978) 486-3874 
     after the LHOA ride.
May 13       Piscataquog Area Trailways, Mother’s Day Ride     
New Boston, NH
9/13; $35 adult, $25 jr; check-in 8:00, ride-out 9:00-10:00; pre-reg req’d by 5/9; refreshments before, after.
                     Chris Lippincott, Phone: (603) 487-5168                                                
May 13       Rehoboth Breed Expo, Rehoboth Breed Expo Ride     
Goddard Memorial Park, Ives Rd, E. Greenwich, RI, NH
6/12/18 (check in after each loop); (pre-reg $25 adult, $15 jr), (post-reg $30 adult, $20 jr); check-in 9:00, ride-out 10:00- 2:00; pre-reg req’d by 5/11; refreshments before, after; extra meal $10; raffle drawing.
                     Rosie Terrien, Phone: (508) 922-1336
May 19       Amazing Grace Equine, Robin Hood (+ his Merry Band)      
Myles Standish State Forest, Carver, MA
12 miles; $25; check-in 9:00, ride-out begins 10:00; refreshments after; benefit for 501(c)3; Donations welcome!.
                     “Charlie” Williams, Phone: (508) 946-0019                                                                                          
May 19       New England Equestrian Center of Athol (NEECA), Annual Spring Trail Ride
Birch Hill Dam, Winchendon, MA
7/12 miles; ride or drive; $25 member, $35 non-member; check-in 8:00, ride-out 8:00-10:00; refreshments before, after; ride beautiful trails of Lake Dennison.
                     Ann Marie Fisher, Phone: (978) 314-6553 
May 20       West Greenwich Horseman’s Association, Cirque de’ Versatal (Versatility and Trail Ride) 
Goddard Park, East Greenwich, RI
6/12/18 miles; $20 adults, $15 jr, $10 if compete in all 3 versatility rings; check-in 8:30, ride-out begins 9:00; refreshments after; pre-reg by 5/15 for lunch; NEHT/WGHA mileage; see website for all details.
                     Linda Krul, Phone: (401) 397-5768 

May 20       Pomfret Horse and Trail Association and Tyrone Farm 
Tyrone Farm, Pomfret. CT
8/15 miles; $45 sr, $20 jr. (under 16 w/adult); check-in 8:00, ride-out 8:30-10:30; refreshments after; must pre-reg by 5/16.
                     Sue Jackson, Phone: (860) 377-5060 

May 25-27 Green Mountain Horse Association (GMHA), Memorial Day Pleasure Rides
GMHA, South Woodstock, VT, 05071
6-8, 10-14 each day; $varies, see website; pre-reg by 5/18; check-in 9:00; ride-out 9:30-10:30; refreshments before, on-trail, after; see website for details.
                     Megan Rosen , Phone (802) 457-1509                                                                             
May 26-28   New England Arabian Trail Organization (NEATO), Memorial Weekend
Silver Mine Horse Camp, Natchaug State Forest, Easton, CT
5/10/15/20 miles; $10-25; check-in 8:00; ride-out begins 8:00; refreshments before, after; dinner not included.
                     Edna Liberty, Phone: (860) 614-3817                                                                                   
May 27       Derry Trail Riders, Bear Brook State Park Benefit Ride
Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown, NH
9/18 miles; $35 adult, $25 jr, includes $4 park fee; check-in 8:30, ride-out 9:00-10:00; refreshments before, on trail, after; pre-reg to guarantee meal; BRING OWN HORSE WATER.
                     Pat Darmofal, Phone: cell (508) 641-0612                                                                                   
May 27       Hanson Riding Club  
Myles Standish State Forest, Carver, MA
5/10/15 miles; $15 member, $20 non-member; check-in 9:00, ride-out begins 10:00; refreshments before and after; pre-reg by 5/24 for lunch; Proof of negative Coggins req’d.
                     Charlene Stober, Phone: (781) 582-0349