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As you can see, our interests in horses are many and varied.

●  We trail ride, both competitive and pleasure

●  We camp our with our horses.

●  We engage in eventing, fox hunting, driving and showing

●  Whatever else we do with our horses, we all enjoy trail riding

We also enjoy bringing you this club, the ride listings, the mileage recognition and this website

Be gentle with us dear members, because as you can see, we would rather be out riding


NEHT President,
Janet Marantz

In addition to trail riding, Janet also has fun fox hunting.  She has Copy for Fox hunting and Rocky (a Rocky Mountain Horse) for trail riding.

Janet manages the published ride listing and keeps an eye on all our activities.

NEHT Vice President, 
Judy Lorimer

Judy has been very active over the years as a competitive trail rider and judge  and as a pleasure trail rider.  Her horses are Akhira and We Be Flyin, a Standardbred

Judy also works with "Build a School in Africa" to build schools in Mali.

NEHT Treasurer,
Pat Darmofal

Pat and Henry, a Rocky Mountain Horse spend the trail riding season camping and riding all over New England.

Pat has been with NEHT since its inception and is also an officer in Cross State Trail Riders and Derry Trail Riders and has Chair or Board positions with NH Horse Council and NH Horse & Trail
NEHT Secretary,
Linda McCrossan

Linda hunts with her OT Thoroughbred, Jefferson and also has a retired Appaloosa, Tigger, a "been there, done that horse"

Linda is also the Treasurer for the Hazel Grove Agricultural Assoc in Groton MA

Her motto: "Any day in the saddle is probably better than just about anything else."