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  • Junior riders should notify us if you want to be considered in our Junior rider awards



NEHT MILEAGE AWARDS:  The mileage you travel in NEHT-affiliated rides accumulates year to year.  NEHT awards a plaque to each horse that achieves 250 miles and to each rider at 500 miles. The plaque features an engraved brass plate with the honoree's name and the mileage achieved. For each further increment of 250 miles (for horses) and 500 miles (for riders), NEHT awards an additional engraved plate to add to the plaque.

NEHT also awards an embroidered sheet to horses who have traveled 1000 miles and a cooler at 2000 miles (lifetime). In mileage year 2003, we saw our first 3,000 mile horse.  The award for this mark is a rain proof sheet.

Riders who achieve 5,000 miles receive an embroidered riding jacket, with our compliments!

BREED AWARDS:  In 2016, we phased out the Breed Award Program due to a lack of sponsors.  The only award that we will continue will be the one targeted to our junior riders.

AWARDS NEWSLETTER AND BI-ANNUAL RIDE LISTINGS: NEHT's January  newsletter contains a preliminary list of the horses and riders who are due to receive the cumulative NEHT awards and the annual breed awards for the previous year. This gives members a chance to check their mileage and make sure no rides they did are missing from their total. PLEASE NOTE:  You are responsible for making sure that you add your name to the ride register AT THE RIDE and we will only consider changes that are due to recording or data entry errors.  Once the mileages are confirmed and complete, we announce the final-final award winners in the April newsletter and present the awards at the NEHT annual meeting in April.  The April and August on-line newsletters contain the ride listings as well as keeping you up to date on NEHT.
The January year end summary will be mailed to those members who have requested it or do not have internet access. The April and August ride lists will be posted on the website and updated frequently to reflect additions, changes and cancellations.  If you do not have internet access, we can mail you the April and August listings on request.
Following are some often asked questions and the answers.  If you don’t see your question here, contact our VP in charge of the awards program, Judy Lorimer, or Linda McCrossan , who is our secretary in charge of affiliations and membership.


Who owns the miles earned ?

Of course, mileage earned by the rider is theirs for life.  This also goes for the horse.  Mileage earned by the horse stays with the horse even if it is sold.  If you know the previous owner’s NEHT number, the miles will roll over to the new owner.

Mileage Credit for Ride Managers and Club Workers

Yes you get mileage credit if you rode the miles.  Managers and club members who work the ride can get credit if they do the miles before or after the ride.  The Ride Manager is responsible for making sure that credit is given where due.

What if my recorded mileage isn’t right?

First, at each ride you attend, make sure that you fill out the Official NEHT Ride Form legibly with the correct name and number for horse and rider.  If the mileage recorded on the January report is not correct, contact Linda McCrossan and request a printout of your mileage credit.  When you find the mistake, contact the RIDE MANAGER responsible and have them verify your mileage with Linda.

What rides do I receive credit on?

Only rides listed in the NEHT Spring and Fall Ride lists count towards awards.  These rides must be of a known mileage and may be judged or unjudged.  We do not list  led rides, hunter paces, clinics or shows.


As a rider, what am I responsible for?

1. Keep your membership up to date.  Your mileage won’t count if you haven’t joined and remember to register your horse also.
2. Junior riders should remember to report your name and age to Judy Lorimer if you want to be considered for the mileage awards and the High Mileage Award.
3. Sign up for mileage at the ride and write legibly.  Remember to give your mileage.  If we can’t read your name and number, we don’t guess it.
4. If you are going to use a nickname, tell us what it is.  If you use the registered name, that is OK too, but be consistent. 
5. Also, make sure you let us know which name you want to appear on the award plaque.
6. Always call, write or e-mail the ride manager or contact person to verify details.  Remember that locations and times can change without notice.


How does NEHT membership work for clubs and ride sponsors?

1. Clubs and Organizations can join NEHT for a fee of $10 but mileage does not accrue to club memberships.
2. Member clubs and organizations may list as many of their rides as they choose.  There is no fee for this.
3. Member clubs and organizations will receive the bi-annual newsletters and the January mileage listing.

How does a club or organization list a ride?

1. First, your ride must be an open,  marked pleasure ride of known mileage.  It can be judged or unjudged.  We do not list led rides, hunter paces, clinics, or shows.
2. Use the ride registration form provided.  Fill out an individual form for each ride.
3. Meet the listing deadlines:  March 15 for rides held  April to July and July 15 for August to November.
4. Since our spring newsletter deadline is March 1st, and does not comes out until late March, we don’t list any rides on the paper newsletter prior to the beginning of April.  You can still list rides for February and March, but they will appear on the website only.  You can purchase a label list of members for $25.00 to use for mailing your own notice.
5. The ride’s contact person can request receiving a packet from NEHT that contains a ride signup sheet or you can download the sheet from this website.   Make it available at the ride.  If you cannot download it, contact Pat Darmofal
6. Return the Ride Signup Form to the NEHT Secretary Linda McCrossan within one week after the ride


Who Sponsors the Mileage Awards?

NEHT keeps track of the miles ridden and/or driven by its members.  The mileage plaques and the awards for special achievement at 1,000/2,000/3,000 miles etc., are provided by NEHT.  Lost or damaged awards can be replaced at cost, but remember that we only order awards once a year for the April award ceremony.

NEHT Mileage Awards are cumulative, separately, for both horse and rider and accumulate as long as the horse and/or rider are registered each year.  Mileage is retained for life for both horse and/or rider, and can be reactivated after a lapse with a new paid membership. If a horse changes owners, they keep their mileage and it can be transferred.